A self paced, online learning course in Java that will make you

ready for your first job

Are you interested in improving your programming skills, and make yourself employable.
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Get hands on from day one

In a craft, real learning begins by doing it. Programming is no different. And thats why, we will get hands on from the first day.

Learn engineering best practices

Tools like SVN and Unit testing, are important for being a better programmer. This course will teach you these tools, and there effective use.

Code as resume

Best way to impress an employer, is to show them your work. Towards the end, this course will help you publish a project (or more), which you would be able to show to them.

Syllabus based on industry needs

You have to apply your learnings, in the industry. So, it makes sense to learn whats needed in the industry.

Online, self-paced, pedagogy based learning

Not everybody learns the same way. We are trying to make the process of learning, a bit more customized. Learn more.

Better chances of employment

All this effort is basically to help you have a better shot at employment. We believe most of you can become better programmers, given better ways of learning. And better programmers are always welcomed, in the industry :)