We train students based on your needs,

you hire them based on their work

Will you recruit candidates, better trained to your needs.
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Online, self-paced, pedagogy based learning

Each student goes through a self-paced, online course. And the course itself is designed for e-learning. Learn more

Pre-trained Candidates

In the course, a candidate finishes a concept, only if he/she has finished the exercises for it. Which essentially means, if the course defines your need, and candidate has finished it, he is trained for your needs.

Have them productive sooner

Students are taught in engineering best practices (SVN, Unit testing etc). They learn based on doing. This helps in getting them to actual projects, sooner. Reduces there frustration, and your investment.

Define what they learn

We will be teaching students based on whats relevant in the industry. You could also take part in this process. Mail us about what you think should be included in the course.

Try them out, offer internships and build brand awareness

We would love if you could take active interest in students. You could even choose students for internship. This will increase there interest in you. And also might help you in building brand awareness.